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Friday, February 27, 2015

Dear Body

Drawing closer

We are trying something new for the next month at our house
I believe too often we have a tendency to be so busy in our lives 
that it just feels like we are roomie in a home rather than family.

This person is going this way another that way and you start
 to lose the closeness you once had
 when your children were little......
So we as a family have decided to do an experiment
I am hoping for better results by the month end,
 but time will tell!  

Three things need to happen
1-You must write one kind thing to one person in the family every day
(Jonathon has created door mailboxes for this purpose)
2-You must write how you feel about the "kind note" you received
(it can be anything from this is lame-to that was so sweet; anything goes)
3-You must ask each person in the family 1 new question every day
(example-1st day what is everyone's favorite color? and so on until you have 31 questions).

We are trying to find ways to reconnect with family
just taking 15 minutes out of our day 
and opening the lines of communication
I am hoping this will help us draw closer to each other

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Strolling along

Went out walking today at Spring Lake with Jon; realized very quickly how out of shape I am. I used to be able to walk around the lake 4 or 5 times without needing to catch my breath; not so anymore.
So glad that I'm finally up walking and moving forward.  Strolling along at a brisk pace trying to recapture my physical emotional and spiritual health.
One step at a time makes all the difference!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Difference after a month; Oh My!

Do you ever wonder if it makes a difference........
It does!!!!  I weighed in today too.  I gained a lb. 
01/24/2015     Hips 68" Gasp!               62 on 2/24/2015
01/24/2015     48" Waist UGH! 47 on 2/24/2015
01/24/2015     Upper arm 14" 15 on 2/24/2015
01/24/2015     Upper Thigh 27" 22 on 2/24/2015
01/24/2015      44" chest 44 on 2/24/2015

Back at at

This morning I met my walking buddy 
at the small cementry in Springville
For as many years and Jon & I lived 
in Springville I had never been.

It's not very big maybe 3 streets by 4 streets
but just enough room to walk and not worry about cars

You realize REALLY fast 
\that you should NEVER miss a walking day
Panting along

I think we made it around at least 6-7 times
I have to say that I really enjoy walking with her
She keeps me going on days 
when I don't want to do anything but complain. 

I love being able to walk and talk 
and just connect with her
She is amazing in so many ways 
I am so grateful for this chance I have 
in being able to  walk with her
I have my own personal coach!

She never let's me get away with quiting
that is one thing I love!  
She pushes me 
and tells me when to suck it up! 


Monday, February 23, 2015

Falling off

With the cooler temps
I have a harder time wanting to be outside walking
Last week I walked maybe 3 times
Maybe 25,000 steps total.
This is a small amount compared to the 
40,000 + steps the weeks before.

Even today the temps are cooler
and I am fighting with myself to get up and out the door
I am hoping to walk tomorrow or Wednesday 
then Thursday Evening,
Friday Morning and Saturday morning.  

At least that is the plan for now
Let's see how well I do.  
Due to being sick and in bed most of the day Sunday
I will be staying close to home and working on cardio
and core exercises.  

Plan for March
Walk Monday-Wednesday Morning
Walk Thursday evening
 morning core exercises
Sat-Sun will be with family
doing something outdoors

I want to lose 20lbs


Friday, February 20, 2015

Being better!

When I decided first of the year 
to start back on a healthy way of living 
I knew that not only did this mean
 physically but also emotionally,
 & spiritually.
I know my faults. 
 I know that I have a HOT temper.
 that I flare fast and hard.
I am slowly working on it! 
I know that I need to return to church, 
that Scripture study and Family Home Evenings 
need to be a part of our family life again.  

I know that I need to eat healthy and exercise.
I know that I need to let go of the past.  
Let go of family who have weighed me down for a long time.
I am aware!  

I am aware that they will still talk ill of me. 
 That for what ever reason it is better to make me the enemy 
than to ever suggest that they were also at fault.  
I'm not trying to point fingers;
 I am only saying that I will no longer allow it to bother me.  
In my opinion what happened in the past
 needs to stay in the past!  

I am not that person any longer! 
 I will continue to make positive changes in my life
 to better myself and  my family. 

I want to live my live 
being Christlike 
not spreading gossip
not talking ill of others
I know I have been at fault in the past
I was lost for a long time 
but now I am found.  

I want to be better
I want to  make an honest effort 
to not be judge for past transgression
to once and for all be done with the past

 I still have a long way to go 
I will fall 
and I will rise again
I will continue to be my best self 
I will continue to try harder than yesterday

I would rather not know if others are being rude
Ignorance can be bliss!