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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prom 2015

Miss Emmy
 Emmy & Logen 

 It's all about the comfort!  

Emmy & Logen
Prom this year is being held at Stone Gate in Pleasant Grove! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring in Utah

Two days ago it felt like Spring 

Picture taken by Monica P.

Today we are back to a Winter Wonderland
Welcome to Utah! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Payson Temple

Go HERE to reserve your tickets 
Free to the public 
Open house 
Payson, UTAH LDS Temple

Sunday, April 12, 2015

First Step

Today I had every intention of
 NOT going to church
  • My back still hurts
  • Its hard to walk 
  • I just don't wanna go 
But then after sitting on the couch until 11:30
 and doing NOTHING with our day 
Jon and I decided
 we would at least go to Sacrament.

Those first steps back
after not going for a long time
are the hardest
especially in a ward 
you are not familiar with! 
We were even asked if we were NEW
Nope; just lazy! 
 But I have to admit
it wasn't bad
I even found time today to read my scriptures
I got a whole 4 chapters done in Alma 
and a ton of notes to reflect on.  

So all in all 
I'd say it was a good day

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A day out

Today was my first day out of the house all week! 
Back issues will do that to you
We had a table order to deliver 
to Ms. Aubri 

I love the color

We stopped on the way into
 Payson from Benjamin
to offer our good deed for the day
Jon fixed a flat for a young woman

Then we went by Miss Monica's 
to borrow a dress for Emmy
Prom is next weekend.

By this point my back was on fire
but of course I had to push my luck
we needed a few things from Payson Market
by this time
well I never want to walk again!

Actually I would love to walk again
just without the pain
As long as I don't stand up, cough or move 
I am fine

And now it is back to bed for me

Thursday, April 9, 2015

SO much bestter!

What a fun Spring Break! 
I have spent the time in bed
My kids are bored 
it's been a great time!  
Maybe a LAZY time would be better!  

I think the best I can tell 
(haven't seen a doctor yet)
that I pulled a muscle or two 
in my back
it is the only thing I can fathom!

I have pain when I stand for the first time
but the  more I move the better I feel
unless I am sitting at the kitchen table to long 
and try to stand
NOT a good idea! 

Not planning to bend over 
anytime soon
last time I wanted to scream in pain
but the jist is 
I am feeling better enough 
to paint a table and move from room to room
Tomorrow I am hitting the stairs

I guess it is just my time to take it easy 
and slow down. 
Planning to see Dr King 
in the next week 
just to make sure!  


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Weekend

We were so blessed to have this Easter weekend
 also be Conference Weekend. 
I LOVE Conference weekend!
It gives us a chance to reconnect with the leaders of our church 
and listen to lessons which are so profound
that in some cases 
like the lesson by Elder Holland
 and Elder Neilson 
you are moved to tears!  

These were two talks 
that really touched home for me 
Maybe it was 
Elder Holland describing a story 
about a lesson in Snow Canyon in Southern Utah 
Maybe it was something within myself 
that I needed to hear 
What ever the reason 
I am so grateful for the opportunity
 to be able to hear both lessons 
and enjoy the time with family!  
Easter Sunday 
Jon and I prepared
 a Ham and Crock pot Au-gratin Potatoes
for Sunday Dinner with Jon's sister's and their families.  

This is something we always did in the past 
on Easter Sunday
only in the past 
we would have met at Jon's parent's home in Payson. 
With the passing of Jon's mother in July of this last year
and his father moving to Northern Utah.

Some of the family traditions have changed. 
This is one we are not ready to let go of.

Our family has so missed family gatherings;
We were blessed with the company of the 
Palmer crew, the Nichol's, Hind's and Page's
We were shy a few 
as we were missing the Kenner Clan
 and Jon's brothers and their families
as well as Jon's dad. 
Perhaps next year!
In the end we had 
Great food; and even better company!  

We are so thankful to live close enough to be able to meet as a family 
and enjoy these moments together. 
It was something we deeply missed living in Saratoga Springs.  

At some point during the evening 
I tweaked my lower back
It's been 2.5 days 
and well my back still hurts
It's fine as long as I don't 
lift anything, bend over, attempt the stairs
or move to fast
I feel like a turtle trying to shuffle 
my way from room to room.

Ice packs and heating pads 
and lots of rest
Thank Heavens it is Spring break
Although my children are BORED! 

I have tried to figure out how I tweaked my back
did I move wrong
The last thing I recall is sitting on the floor 
then trying to get up 
and struggling
from there my back went out 
and my legs would not move. 

Sunday and Monday 
I spent in tears 
Tuesday I felt WAY better
and I think I may have over done it 
because Wednesday I was in as much pain 
if not worse than Monday
so back to bed for me. 
and more Ice and heating pads.  

Hoping to be better by Friday
If not it's off to Dr. King's office I will be going .

Part of me wonders 
if I needed a lesson in humility
My mother had a stroke in December
she never really took care of her health 
and I have had a difficult time 
showing empathy for her situation
she lost most of the mobility in her right side of her body

I wonder if this is my lesson
a wake up call to take better care of myself 
to see how her life is NOW.
That when you do not heed the warnings
when you do not listen to your doctors
take your meds, eat right, exercise
that this is the outcome. 

Whatever the reason 
I am listening

Sadly I missed my interview.
Although I did consider going
or at least attempting to go.
I'm not sure I would have made
 it down the front steps
but it would have been comical to see