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Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh what a beautiful morning~

I LOVE when I have days that just seem to work out perfectly~  

Scriptures read-Check
Breakfast- Check
Exercise- Check 
Good Lunch - Check
(this was a battle..... I really wanted Onion Rings)
Enter info into My Fitness Pal-Check

So far it has been a great day!  
Planning to walk Salem Pond later today as well.  


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Plans for the week

One week down
I never started to exercise; 
although I did think about it an awful lot! 

I've realized there are plenty of places to walk
from Springville to Santaquin.
So if there is anyone who is interested in walking with me
Let's figure out a go between place to meet.

Tomorrow I am starting on Core workouts
I need to flatten my tummy
 For someone like myself 
who has done little to no exercise the last 6 months 
I need to start out strong but easy
I tend to jump in and push to the extreme 
then I burn out FAST!
 I also want to implement YOGA again
I felt SO SO SO much better 
when I was taking a Yoga class before.  
And I lost 45 LBS in four months
Definitely worth it!  

So for the next 3 weeks 
I will be working on core 
and walking
I may only walk a 1/2 mile at first 
But I am hoping by the 3rd week 
to be up to 1 1/2-2 miles.

I am also going to be regulating my sugar intake again
75 grams per day.  
Little to no grease, no fried foods 
and 6 small meals a day.
(As I am typing this; my mind drifted to Onion Rings)
And a 1200 Calorie Diet.  
This is going to be so hard!  
 But so worth it in the end!  
Maybe I can have an onion ring at the end of the week 

I love having a plan of action.  
I am hoping it will keep me motivated

Let me know if you want to walk with me
The more the merrier!  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 4

Today was a bit brighter for me
I woke up with a purpose 
A few errands away from home 
Bills paid 
and a few indoor plants to help 
Brighten up the house 

As for exercise
um; not so good!  

But on the plus side 
I think I have found a few spots 
Where I can walk 
in Mapleton near the park.
In Sp. Fork  by the river bed.
In Salem, out by the pond
and near Woodland hills.
In Payson at the cemetery.
and in Springlake in the fields and out by the lake. 

Monday morning NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 3

All I can say today..... is the day is not over yet!  
I may still get outside and workout.  
I hate how chilly the air is!  
I am more of a 50-85* fitness person.  
Not too hot not too cold
just right!  
I may just pull out one of my 
Yoga, Piyo or Zumba Cd's
 out and do that instead. 
At least until it warms up a bit more.  
My father in law recently moved
We were fortunate enough to receive the family piano
Can I just tell you how long I have wanted a piano......

I took lessons as a child from 8-11 maybe 12 years old
but we never owned a piano
so I had to go to friends, neighbors and the church to practice.  

It amazes me how much i have lost!  
So the last few weeks 
I have been trying to teach myself the basics again
I can play a couple of simple songs
Nothing from memory
but at least I am a step a head.
I have also been trying to learn to crochet
that is not going so well.......
I can do a simple row 
but the second row usually leaves me frustrated
and connecting them 
well let's just say I need more practice.  
I am also working on a couple of quilts.  
I guess having all this free time at home 
has me looking for things to keep me busy.
Business has been slow
and to be frank
it is lonely at home alone. 

Until it warms up and I can garden, workout outside, 
and business picks up.  
Now I am off to read my scriptures.  
I am still on King Noah.  
Happy for?
I love how the sun looks on the mtns.  so warm and inviting 
then you step outside BRR!  
I am happy I have our taxes done; everything accounted for
I am happy that my dear sweet wonderful husband is so good to me. 
I am looking forward to getting a jump start on seedlings for our garden soon

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 2

I wish I could report that today I seized the day!  
That I found my motivation and I did all that I needed to do
But that would not be true. 
Today I got up
Got my kids ready for school
Jonathon missed the bus again so I enjoy taking him to school
It gives us that time to just be

Then I came home prepped for dinner tonight 
and sat down next to the computer
I didn't exercise;again. 

I did organize my computer files by year
I did organize pictures of items I plan to make this year 
by month and season. 

But I didn't do much else.  

Another missed opportunity
Another day lost 
Tomorrow will be a new day

I did read through some church doctrine. 
I have found over the last two years 
when I have days where I feel blue and lack lustre
that these are the days I need to spend watch online church videos
and reading from  

These are the days when those quiet moments 
are meant for self reflection 
& meditation.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 1

I have to say I am grateful for the love and friendships from my sister in laws and their husbands.  
Today I drove into Payson with the intention of helping to finish the last little bits that Jon's dad had left in his house.  I know that My sister-in-law Monica would be there and I wanted to help.  But by the time I made it over......Monica & Melinda with the help of Melinda's husband Benjamin.  Had it vacuumed and swept and ready to be done!  

Alot of change for us the last 6 months.  I am finding it hard to let it go.  I miss my mother-in-law.  I miss her kindness and always knowing how to make everyone feel at home.  Dad is closing on the house tomorrow and starting a new chapter of his life in Brigham City.  It is hard to see him leave but at the same time we are so excited for his new adventure!  

As for exercise I didn't do anything today.  I thought about it on my way to take Jonathon to school.  He missed the bus, but I never stopped and did anything.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe not!  I know that I need too.  I am back up to 245 lbs.  I am not happy about it, but I am not doing anything to change it either.  

I am in Mosiah with my reading; King Noah I believe.  I am working on a scripture journal and I am reading "Bad guys of the Book of Mormon" again so that I can better understand what is going on.  

As for things that made me happy today..........
The way the sunlight hits the mountains.  
How sunny it has been
Working on recipes from my mother in laws cook books.  I am gathering items that we have always enjoyed and I am scanning them into my computer.  

Yep that sums it up!  

Intro-100 day challenge

I will be posting once a day. 
Today I will post twice.
I will be writing about my challenges with exercise
how it makes me feel,
 reading my scriptures, what I am getting out of it,
What I am grateful for
General things that have made me happy
I may even post pictures I have taken with my camera

It will just be a place where I can come and express 
where I am at and how I am feeling about it
Lately I have been having the winter blues
It may be the cold weather
The lack of funds after Christmas 
It could be the emotions with moving my father-n-law
The guilt with not going to see my own mother in St. George
The lack of motivation to exercise
It could be a lot of little things that are starting to be big things

What ever the reason I need a good jump start!  
So since I am am a sucker for a good challenge
This just seemed to fit the bill!  

So today begins my 100 days of happiness challenge. Let’s see how my life changes and whether I get any closer to getting some answers on what it means – and takes – to be happy.
 From Jan 20-April 30th.